Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A small plea

To the 3 people reading this blog, I'm earnestly trying to construct a real draft in the post below. I would very much appreciate any feedback you could offer. I'll put you in the acknowledgements. :)


Scrivener said...

Am I one of the three? I finally just now swung by, but literally I promised myself no more than three more minutes on blogs before I get my stuff packed up and run off to an appointment.

I promise that I will come back by later today and read your complex post and leave you feedback. If I don't, feel free to send me an email telling me that I messed up.

Laura said...

Scriv, I have no idea who's reading this thing. Maybe my mother and my husband. Please don't feel obligated. I know this time of year is crazy.

kate said...

This is my first post to a blog, and I found I had to create a blog to post. I will be reading with great interest as I work to introduce blogging into my writing classes. I'm not yet at the dissertation stage, so I'm no help to you there, but I will ask questions if the information is ever unclear.