Sunday, January 15, 2006

Next steps

I know I've disappeared from here, but I sent off my proposal. I'm not going to post actual text until I have it in a more finished form. Instead, I will continue to use this space to throw out ideas and think out loud.

So speaking of that. I had determined that my first chapter should be an overview of how blogging works from a somewhat technical standpoint. One of my main points overall, though, is the importance of having an audience. Should I establish why I think that first before going into the how of obtaining an audience?


Jane said...

Could you maybe have two "intro" chapters? One that discusses how blogging works, and one immediately following that addresses the "why blog?" question? That might be one way to approach it...

Heather said...

I think the importance of having an audience is key, and you should deal with it as soon as is reasonable.

And while on the subject, can I plug some school blogs that should be going strong next week? My school, a private 6-12 girls school is staging a "global week" starting tomorrow. For 4 days we will have special presentations, films, workshops, and discussions, rather than our regular schedule. And to focus our discussions, each advisory has a blog for the group to record their thoughts and ideas at the end of each of the 4 days. There are 46 blogs, so we don't expect anyone to become our audience for all of them, but if anyone has a moment to stop in an see what we are doing, they are all linked off of
and we would love to have some visitors.

Thanks for letting me promote, since, as you say, audience is important here. I hope this experiment will lead us to more bloging activites as we expand our global education program.

gingajoy said...

having a real audience, or having a *sense* of audience? i would be interested to know how much bloggers think about audience, and their perceptions of it, and also how much their blogs are adapted as they learn more about their readers.