Monday, January 02, 2006

Thinking out loud

So, I'm planning a little reorganization, putting a brief history of blogging before the lit review/how my stuff fits section. I'm surprised by how little literature there is out there on teaching with blogs even though I know a ton of people using blogs in their classes. Maybe I'm missing something?

My hope is to have a completed draft in a day or two--maybe by Wednesday and a final version by the weekend to send off.

I think I can. I think I can.


Jean-Claude Bradley said...

By literature, do you mean peer-reviewed papers and books? I think a lot of us are reporting what we are doing in our blogs pretty actively, which serves the purpose of communicating everything that is worth saying to the people who are most likely to benefit. There is then much less motivation to republish that in another format. That's my guess.

Laura said...

Yes, there really isn't much peer-reviewed literature out there, though, of course, there are tons of blogs. I'll be using many of those, but one of my purposes in writing the dissertation is to put something into the "peer-reviewed" literature.

Jean-Claude Bradley said...

You face a difficult problem for writing your thesis if your review committee is expecting all peer reviewed references. But this might also be a great opportunity to show how good scholarship has found a new and more efficient vehicle. In chemistry review committees I have noticed more references linking to web pages instead of peer reviewed references. I don't think the solution is to ban such use but rather to teach students how to evaluate the reliability of the information they find.

Laura said...

j-c, thankfully, I don't think I will have to rely on all peer reviewed work. I want to point out in the diss though that there isn't much and maybe there needs to be more.