Monday, February 13, 2006

Network theory

Scale-free networks, graph theory, etc. I find it all fascinating, but for now I'm leaving it out of the technical chapter. For one, I don't understand it well enough to fully explain why I think it's connected to what I'm writing about. And very little of it truly supports my argument. So I just cut 4 pages out. I'm saving it. It's possible I'll need it later, but for now, it just is making this whole thing messier than it needs to be.

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Jon Breitenbucher said...

Can you expand on the graph theory and scale-free networks? I am teaching combinatorics right now and we are talking about graph theory. Also, in my role as Phi Beta Kappa Vice President, I have Ron Graham (an expert on graph theory) coming to give three lectures next week. I am interested in how you work connects to graph theory and would be willing to serve as a sounding board.