Saturday, February 18, 2006

Technical chapter nearly done

I've pretty much completed the chapter on what I'm calling the blog infrastructure. I've outlined some of the technical components of blogs that can drive traffic to a site. I ended by making some technical recommendations. Eventually, I want to compile an appendix of available blog software and add ons. I think I need to order Julie's book.

I still have some minor revisions to make which I've marked up on a hard copy. And I need to deal with the $%&#@ figures.


JM said...

I didn't really go in depth or provide lots of lists of things, but I can send you the PDFs of the chapters if you want.

academic coach said...

Geeky Mom,

How did I not know that you are ABD?

Sheesh, I sorta thought you were a tenured professor. Gotta pay more attention in the future.

Guess you will need to wait a year or two to become the pres of Harvard ;)