Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Getting organized

I'm still not quite ready to write. I'm organizing my sources and with them, my thoughts. I have collected most of my sources in CiteULike here. Most of what's there is just the audience chapter. I'm planning to move other stuff there later. It was actually very easy. Most of my library databases connect right in.

I've roughly got articles that deal with the following audience issues:

"Real" audiences for students--trying to find readers for student work outside the classroom
Cognitive studies of how novice and expert writers view audience
Approaches to teaching that take audience into account (overlaps some with the first)
Audience analysis
The connection of audience to pre-writing or invention (related to cognitive studies)
Theories of audience (is audience invoked or addressed; issues of rhetoric)
Audience and the web or electronic communication

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Anonymous said...

Chances are pretty good that you're following Christopher Sessums' blog, but just in case: http://elgg.net/csessums/weblog/10943.html has some stuff that looks pretty apposite to where you are right now...