Sunday, September 17, 2006

A long time coming

Finally, Chapter 4--the analysis--is finished. I let this one percolate quite a bit and had a lot of back and forth conversations with my adivisor and some colleagues. I had a couple of false starts and finally, I decided what I wanted to do and I just did it. Whether my advisor will be happy with the results is yet to be seen. I'm fairly happy with it, but won't be completely shocked if I get asked to make major changes. That's one thing I've learned in this process.

Writing this chapter was pretty interesting. The first half was written in a kind of hodge-podge manner. I grabbed time where I could and long periods might go by without my writing anything. Then, just before school started again, I set myself a schedule of writing every morning for an hour, from 6-7. I wouldn't look back at what I'd written unless I couldn't remember where I was. But usually I did. I think this chapter hangs together better than Chapter 1, which I've also revised. I think the schedule worked. I did skip a day or two here and there and I spent much of today (about 5 hours total) finishing up revising. But when I skipped, it wasn't to sleep in or anything. Usually, it was because some other pressing task needed to get done. So I was able to pick back up again pretty easily. Whenever I felt a twinge of resistance, I just opened the document and started writing again and the resistance went away.

I'm looking forward to the next (and final!!) chapter even though it's a theory chapter and I'm venturing into some unfamiliar territory. I think it will be a stimulating chapter to write.


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congratulations! i know that the analysis process can be frustrating. keep up the good work!