Monday, November 17, 2008

Blogical Construction rides again!

{is thing still on? ahem.}

Has it been this long? Really? For months, I've been meaning to return to this space as a place to write specifically about writing pedagogy and new technology. I had plans to force myself to read journal articles and critique them here. Well, that never happened, obviously. But now, it will. I'm working on some writing projects about teaching writing using blogs developed primarily out of my dissertation (finished over a year ago now!).

My current project involves writing about blogging and its connection to academic writing. A good chunk of my dissertation focused on the benefits of blogging for teaching writing (especially for first-year students), but I want to both narrow and broaden that topic. First, I want to narrow in on the link as the key element to creating a good blogging environment and for creating effective writing practices for students. The link turned out to have the most impact on a student's writing development. I want to look at that further, both in a blogging context, and also beyond that, in a social networking context. What links are important to make? Are links connections or something else? What's important about the context we create for that link? The link is the base element, but leads, I believe, to the networked environment that we need to help our students create and participate in. We also need to show them the relationship between that environment within the classroom and beyond and how they can continue to develop that network their whole lives.

Those are initial thoughts. I'll be thinking further over the coming weeks. Comments and ideas are always welcome!


Anonymous said...

Blogical construction...... I don't even know what that is but it sounds great. I know Steven Dent and his construction company would know what it is all about. At least I think they would.

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